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Egyptian and
Aero Theatres
Hollywood & Santa Monica
Tue, May 8, 2018 - Thu, May 10, 2018
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A powerful examination of the world we live in now, FIRST REFORMED explores subjects ranging from environmental degradation and the corrupting forces of capitalism to political radicalization and the role of faith in our lives. Excavating the long night of the soul experienced by a small-town clergyman (Ethan Hawke) who finds relief from his insurmountable despair in a shocking act of violence, the new drama is writer-director Paul Schrader’s attempt at the spiritual film, a specific kind of work he has engaged with tangentially for more than five decades as a filmmaker, critic and academic.

Raised in a strict Calvinist family, Schrader began writing screenplays in the 1970s, at the dawn of the New Hollywood era. His first produced script was 1974’s THE YAKUZA, and in 1976, Schrader’s script for TAXI DRIVER, directed by Martin Scorsese, placed him in the top echelon of American filmmakers. In 1978, Schrader directed his first feature (BLUE COLLAR); by the turn of the decade, the dual punch of RAGING BULL and AMERICAN GIGOLO confirmed his reputation as the preeminent philosopher-auteur of Hollywood.

Schrader has frequently concocted stories about lonely, anguished men trapped inside themselves, yearning for love and connection, preoccupied with vengeance and redemption, and often at the mercy of their own conflicting impulses. The common thread tying TAXI DRIVER’s Travis Bickle to FIRST REFORMED’s Ernst Toller was clear to Hawke as soon as he read the script. “The questioning and the seeking are the same,” notes the performer. “The theme of loneliness is universal in his writing. The terrifying thing about loneliness is how many of us feel it - it’s part of the experience of being alive.”

Hawke found himself particularly drawn to Toller’s personal struggle to find meaning, connection and redemption after experiencing so much tragedy in his life. As a father of four children, the actor also connected to the FIRST REFORMED storyline about a parent haunted by the loss of a son. The star of such lauded works as BEFORE SUNRISE and TRAINING DAY, Hawke has spent more than 30 years in the spotlight, earning several Tony and Oscar nominations. He has emerged a multifaceted artist, challenging himself as a novelist, screenwriter and filmmaker. Like his character in the new film, and its director, he is a seeker - forging an ever-evolving artistic path toward greater illumination.

Series programmed by Gwen Deglise and Grant Moninger.

We are thriller to welcome Ethan Hawke and Paul Schrader to the Egyptian and Aero Theatres!
Both TheatresTue, May 8, 2018 - Thu, May 10, 2018
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