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Sat, Apr 9, 2011

Art Deco Society Historic Talks
"Funnies & Flappers" Lecture & SHOW GIRL IN HOLLYWOOD
Co-presented by the Art Deco Society Los Angeles

Funnies & Flappers (60 min.) Everyone is familiar with the image of the flapper - the modern, carefree woman who embodied the spirit of the Jazz Age. The flapper seized opportunities that presented themselves after World War I, to demonstrate her new political, social, and economic freedom. She was young, brash, uninhibited and sometimes impudent. She behaved with abandon, knowing that her youth alone would absolve her of censure. This privilege allowed her to try all manner of pursuits in search of a new feminine identity. The character of the flapper became a useful vehicle for sociopolitical commentary: films, literature, music, all used the flapper as an artistic device. There were also the expected sociopolitical cartoons, which either portrayed the flapper in a derogatory way or as a positive influence. But there was another medium in which commentary was secondary, combining entertainment with simple chronicle -a humorous record of social changes, human foibles, and everyday life: comics. Historian and historic preservation consultant Mitzi March Mogul will present an illustrated lecture that explores the role of the flapper in the funny papers. How many different ways was she portrayed - how was the flapper seen as part of modern society? Was she capable or silly, hardworking or lucky, a modern original or quickly passé? Who was this “new” woman? What did she say about society? Was she here to stay or simply a novelty?

At 3:00PM, a screening of SHOW GIRL IN HOLLYWOOD and a Betty Boop short film will follow the lecture.

Lecture presented by historian and historic preservation consultant Mitzi March Mogul.
1930, Warner Bros., 80 min, USA, Dir: Mervyn LeRoy

Alice White stars as "Dizzy" Dixie, a Broadway understudy who is lured out to Hollywood when a smooth-talking director promises her fame and fortune. But when Dixie, against the odds of the crummy empty promise that brought her to Hollywood, actually starts to get starring roles in the movies, her ego soars along with her paycheck. Featuring brilliant Technicolor musical sequences! With cameos by Al Jolson and Loretta Young.

Screening format: 35mm
Egyptian Theatre • Sat, Apr 9, 2011 • 2:00pm

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