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Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028 Map
Wed, Sep 8, 2010 - Sun, Sep 12, 2010
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BIG-SCREEN ODYSSEY: The Films Of Stanley Kubrick

From early landmark films such as PATHS OF GLORY, LOLITA and DR. STRANGELOVE, to the futuristic head-trip 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and the futuristic nightmare A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, to the late masterpieces THE SHINING, FULL METAL JACKET and EYES WIDE SHUT, director Stanley Kubrick (1928 - 1999) created an unmistakable vision of a world both primitive and alarmingly advanced, plagued by war and constantly in search of some transcendent vision of harmony. His recurrent theme of the dehumanization of mankind often was juxtaposed against the exquisitely beautiful images he framed with his camera.

Join us for a weekend program of many of Kubrick’s best films. Included in this retrospective is the kick-off of our new monthly series, "George Eastman’s Attic," on Sunday, September 12th, with an extremely rare screening of Kubrick’s first feature film, FEAR AND DESIRE (1953), courtesy of the George Eastman House archive.

Egyptian TheatreWed, Sep 8, 2010 - Sun, Sep 12, 2010
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