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Egyptian and
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Sat, Oct 12, 2019 - Sat, Oct 26, 2019
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Like Russia’s Tarkovsky and Poland’s Kieślowski, Hungary’s Béla Tarr belongs to that class of Eastern European auteurs whose films will endure long after the remnants of Soviet Bloc socialism have been swept away. As critic Jonathan Rosenbaum notes, Tarr’s work can be divided into two halves: one that paints the painful reality of life in single-party Hungary and one that transcends that reality. FAMILY NEST, the filmmaker’s 1977 documentary-style début, deploys claustrophobic close-ups to trace the decline of a husband and wife’s relationship as they confront living with the husband’s parents.

Released shortly before Hungary’s democratization, DAMNATION tracks a discontented barfly and prospective smuggler as he plots to drive away the husband of his chanteuse lover. In SÁTÁNTANGÓ, Tarr’s longest and most acclaimed work, László Krasznahorkai’s novel of the same title comes to life in languid, lyrical black-and-white. Set on a defunct collective farm in the wake of communism’s collapse, this is the story of a forgotten community and all that befalls its residents when they pin their hopes on a financial windfall.

The theme of community manifests itself more chaotically in Tarr’s second collaboration with Krasznahorkai, the allegorical WERCKMEISTER HARMONIES, in which a traveling circus whale and its rousing star unleash the passions of a small town. By contrast, Tarr’s most recent film is arguably his most spartan. With a haunting stillness, THE TURIN HORSE imagines the arduous life of two potato farmers and their horse - the very same horse whose whipping drove Friedrich Nietzsche to madness. Demonstrating Tarr’s mastery as a practitioner of the long take and a commentator on the many forms of folly, this short tribute series lays bare the hunger of the human spirit and the inescapable nature of entropy.

Both TheatresSat, Oct 12, 2019 - Sat, Oct 26, 2019
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