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1980, Joel B. Michaels/Garth Drabinsky Productions, 109 min, USA, Dir: Peter Medak

Director Peter Medak’s superb ghost story has been recently rediscovered for what it is: one of the most chillingly effective portraits of the supernatural made in the past 30 years. George C. Scott stars as a musician, grieving over the recent deaths of his wife and daughter, who moves into a drafty old mansion - only to find it inhabited by the spirit of a young and very restless ghost.

1980, AVCO Embassy, 89 min, USA, Dir: Paul Lynch

A group of kids complicit in a horrible accident find themselves being picked off one by one years later on the night of their prom; among them is scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, fresh off of HALLOWEEN and THE FOG. Leslie Nielsen appears as Jamie's dad in this quintessential ’70s slasher, one of the most enduring horror films to come out of the Canadian tax shelter era - and certainly the one with the grooviest disco soundtrack!

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