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2017, True Colors, 92 min, Italy, Dir: Salvatore Ficarra, Valentino Picone

In the small Sicilian village of Pietrammare, a mayoral election is approaching; the town has been led for many years by the crooked Gaetano Patanè (Tony Sperandeo), who will use any deception necessary to hold onto power. It’s business as usual for the townspeople until Pierpaolo Natoli (Vincenzo Amato) emerges as the mayor’s opponent. An upstanding 50-year-old professor, Natoli is a political novice full of courage and ideals - and, against all odds, he wins. But are the citizens of Pietrammare ready for a new age of legality and respect for the rules? The Ficarra and Picone team are at their hilarious best in this insightful comedy.

2015, Uncork’d Entertainment, 112 min, Italy, Dir: Gabriele Mainetti

Gabriele Mainetti’s feature directorial debut gives a distinctive Italian twist to the superhero movie. On the run through the slums of Rome, small-time crook Enzo (Claudio Santamaria) winds up in the Tiber River, where contact with toxic waste gives him extraordinary powers. Though Enzo is content to use his new strength to break into ATMs, an attractive young woman (Ilenia Pastorelli) and a maniacal crime boss (Luca Marinelli) have different ideas. Winner of seven David di Donatello awards.

2016, True Colors, 100 min, Italy, Dir: Edoardo De Angelis

Winner of four awards at the Venice Film Festival, this unusual drama follows sisters Daisy and Viola (Angela and Marianna Fortuna), who really are “indivisible” - they were born as Siamese twins. Blessed with fine voices, the two are hired out by their parents as singers until a doctor tells them they could be separated. “Side-stepping what could have been a cheap, morbid peek into the lives of two beautiful teenagers who were born joined at the hip, INDIVISIBLE strikes out on its own path, sounding an exhilarating note of freedom.” - Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter.

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