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2013, Film Factory, 101 min, Spain, Dir: Daniel Sanchez Arevalo

Acclaimed director Daniel Sanchez Arevalo takes a comedic look at a Spanish family’s chaotic reunion for a wedding taking place during the 2010 FIFA World Cup final. With Patrick Criado and Arancha Marti. “Shot through with a distinctive wit and flair, the [film] cannily shows how it’s possible to straddle the mainstream/arthouse divide.” - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter. In Spanish with English subtitles.

2013, 99 min, Spain, Dir: Daniel Calparsoro

Just as he’s gotten engaged to girlfriend Julia (María Castro), Mikel (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS actor Álex González) meets Ari (Adriana Ugarte) at a party. Ari is fascinating, beautiful, passionate … and up to her neck in illegal car racing. But that’s not the only curve she introduces; when Ari’s boyfriend cooks up a plan to rob Julia’s business, Mikel has to choose between an exciting new life with Ari and his love for Julia. COMBUSTION practically explodes with speed and nervous energy, while dodging the usual Hollywood blockbuster cliches, as drama and psychological tension mount with each scene. A box office hit with Spain’s younger crowd. In Spanish with English subtitles.

2012, Outsider Pictures, 125 min, Spain, Dir: Oriol Paulo

A heady mix of classic noir, blood-chilling horror and high suspense, THE BODY is a thriller following a detective (José Coronado) who searches for a corpse that has gone missing from a morgue. A Goya Award nominee for Best New Director, Paolo proves to be a master storyteller with this absorbing plot, which keeps viewers guessing about both the strange circumstances surrounding the victim’s death and the reasons her body has disappeared. “…the kind of breathless, relentless genre fare whose sole aim is to generate suspense, and it pretty much succeeds.” - Jonathan Holland, Variety. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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