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2018, Celluloid Dreams, 90 min, Italy, Dir: Marco Tullio Giordana

Nina Martini (Cristiana Capotondi) leaves Milan for the little town of Brianza in search of a better life for herself and her daughter. She finds work at a prestigious retirement home but something is not right there - something her female colleagues have come to accept but that Nina will take a stand against. With its topic of sexual harassment on the job, NOME DI DONNA couldn’t be more timely, and director Marco Tullio Giordana earned a Special Ribbon from the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists for this compelling drama.

2017, Celluloid Dreams, 116 min, Italy/Switzerland, Dir: Silvio Soldini

Teo (Adriano Giannini) holds a creative position at a trendy ad agency and is an inveterate womanizer. Beautiful and vibrant, Emma (Valeria Golino) is an osteopath though she has been blind since the age of 16. When they first meet, Teo is mesmerized by her sexy voice and intrigued, never having been with a blind woman. The two go out on a date but when Emma proves too sharp to succumb to his charms, Teo is hooked.

2015, Rai Com, 104 min, Italy, Dir: Cristina Comencini

Italian actor Saverio (a charismatic Francesco Scianna) personified the Latin lover of the title, portraying a legion of romantic leads onscreen and fathering five daughters (each with a different woman). Ten years after Saverio’s death, his hometown of Apulia stages a memorial, bringing ex-wives, children and former associates together to regrind old axes. Beginning with this ensemble comedy setup, LATIN LOVER ultimately emerges as a love letter to the glory days of Italian film. With Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Marisa Paredes and Virna Lisi (in her final performance). In Italian with English subtitles.

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