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2016, 120 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Rodrigo Grande

In this REAR WINDOW-esque thriller, wheelchair-bound Joaquin (Leonardo Sbaraglia) discovers that a tunnel is being dug under his building in preparation for a bank robbery - and he wants a share of the loot for his silence. Terrific performances from Sbaraglia and Pablo Echarri (as the thieves’ sadistic leader) keep the suspense at fever pitch throughout. “The movie finally feels as sweaty, claustrophobic and nervous as the title implies, staying on just the right side of excess.” - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter.

2015, Latido Films, 98 min, Spain, Dir: Gracia Querejeta

Elia (Maribel Verdu) has just hit the jackpot – literally. One of the things she spends her 140 million Euro lottery prize on is a 40th-birthday bash in the Canary Islands, to which she invites a motley group of family and friends, including the ex she still pines for. But proximity to wealth can warp even the closest relationships, and the reunion soon takes a shocking turn. “Querejeta has assembled one of the best possible casts which Spanish cinema can provide.” - Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter. In Spanish with English subtitles.

2014, Latido, 100 min, Argentina, Dir: Miguel Cohan

When a wealthy businessman is found murdered in his home, the local newspaper puts three writers on the case – a jaded veteran reporter (Daniel Fanego), a brash new arrival on the crime beat and famed mystery novelist Nurit “Betibú” Iscar (an excellent Mercedes Morán) – who unearth secrets buried for decades as they follow the trail of clues. Writer-director Cohan’s complex characters and sharp dialog keep this thriller moving at the snappy pace of a vintage film noir. In Spanish with English subtitles

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