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2018, 110 min, Luxembourg, Dir: Félix Koch

Luxembourgish comic-book superhero "De Superjhemp" is brought to life in this hilarious box office hit. With the country in mortal danger, the retired superhero (André Jung) has little time to rediscover his powers, don his old cape and save the day. But fitting into his old tights is only half the problem, as he finds that family matters can be just as difficult. With its impressive special effects and signature Luxembourgish humor, DE SUPERJHEMP RETÖRNS is the biggest hit of all time in its native country.

2015, 107 min, Luxembourg, Dir: Christophe Wagner

Jules returns to his hometown in Luxembourg after World War II to find a country deeply divided from four years of occupation. The young man finds work as an auxiliary policeman - a job that becomes extraordinarily challenging when he must investigate the murder of his girlfriend and her employer’s German family. Best Director winner at the 2016 Trophées Francophones du Cinéma.

2014, 90 min, Belgium/Luxembourg/France, Dir: Bernard Bellefroid

Though hairdresser Melody (Lucie Debay) is living hand-to-mouth, she has always dreamed of opening her own salon. She may find the means to do that through Emily (Rachael Blake), a successful executive twenty years Melody’s senior who wants a child and is seeking a surrogate mother. But what begins as a simple business arrangement grows into something more in this thoughtful (and beautifully acted) drama about the meaning of family. In French, English and Ukrainian with English subtitles.

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