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2020, Match Factory, 97 min, Spain, Dir: Pilar Palomero

Pilar Palomero’s award-winning directorial debut is a coming-of-age story set in a provincial Spanish city in the early 1990s. Celia (Andrea Fandos) is an introverted Catholic schoolgirl who lives with her widowed mother (Natalia de Molina). When a new classmate from Barcelona, Brisa (Zoe Arnao), brings with her the winds of change from the big city, Celia hurls herself into adolescence and discovers that the world is much bigger than her conservative upbringing has prepared her for. “The new unexpected gem of Spanish cinema … one of the most outstanding and exciting Spanish films in the last few years…” - Marta Medina, El Confidencial. Named Best Film at the Málaga Spanish Film Festival.

2019, Latido Films, 102 min, Spain, Dir: Belén Funes

Sara (San Sebastián International Film Festival Best Actress Greta Fernández) has been alone all her life. She is 22 years old and has a baby; her wish is to have a normal family with her little brother and her baby’s father (Alex Monner). Her own father, Manuel (Eduard Fernández, Greta's real-life father), after years of absence because he was in jail, decides to reappear in their lives. Sara knows he is her main obstacle and takes a difficult decision: to move him away from her and her brother. "A naturalistic and empathetic evocation of life at the lower end of the social ladder, one which wears its near-inevitable Loach/Dardenne aspects with appealing freshness." - Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

2015, Outsider Pictures, 96 min, Dir: Paula Ortiz

Federico Garcia Lorca’s classic play Blood Wedding serves as the basis for this engrossing drama. Feroz winner Inma Cuesta plays the title character, whose upcoming marriage is derailed by the arrival of an old flame (Álex García). Shot in Turkey by cinematographer Migue Amoedo, the film’s occasionally fantastical imagery elevates a tragic love triangle into the realm of poetry. With Luisa Gavasa. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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