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1955, 89 min, Mexico, Dir: Luis Buñuel

This pitch-black comedy from Luis Buñuel follows the thwarted best-laid plans of Archibaldo de la Cruz (Ernesto Alonso), a privileged screwball living during the Mexican Revolution who believes his calling in life is to be a serial killer of women - yet every woman he stalks either accidentally dies, kills herself or is bumped off by someone else before he can get his satisfaction! A rarely screened gem, and in good company with THE YOUNG AND THE DAMNED, THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL and “Simon of the Desert” as Buñuel’s finest Mexican films. With Miroslava. In Spanish with English subtitles.

1962, Janus Films, 95 min, Mexico, Dir: Luis Buñuel

A dinner gathering of wealthy Mexican sophisticates at a mansion devolves when the servants abandon their posts and the guests are inexplicably unable to leave the grand music room. As days wear on, facades and hierarchies dissolve and the upper-crust prisoners become increasingly uncouth and downright animalistic. Luis Buñuel’s merciless takedown of social structures is at once haunting and riotous. Featuring international screen icon and VIRIDIANA star Silvia Pinal. “The great Spanish director Luis Buñuel traps us in the Surrealistic universe of THE EXTERMINATING ANGEL, his most bitter, most brilliant work since VIRIDIANA.” - Roger Ebert. In Spanish with English subtitles.

1964, Rialto Pictures, 101 min, France, Dir: Luis Buñuel

Jeanne Moreau gives a keenly observant and morally ambiguous performance as Parisian maid Céléstine, transplanted to the French countryside to clean house at the manor of M. Monteil (a lusty, wolfish Michel Piccoli). What she discovers in her wintry bucolic surroundings is anything but staid country life - shoe fetishes, simmering anti-Semitism and a brutal rape and murder are all pieces of the unsettling debris that rise to the surface in Luis Buñuel’s wicked, kinky take on the upstairs-downstairs genre. In French with English subtitles.

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