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1979, MGM/Park Circus, 126 min, UK, Dir: Lewis Gilbert

James Bond goes to space in his 11th outing, which stars Roger Moore as Bond and the gorgeous Lois Chiles as his love interest. Richard Kiel is back from THE SPY WHO LOVED ME as imposing villain Jaws, and production designer Ken Adam’s spectacular sets make this one of the most visually striking films in the series.

1977, Park Circus/MGM, 125 min, UK, Dir: Lewis Gilbert

Easily the best of the 1970s Bond films, SPY stars the impeccable Roger Moore as 007, teaming with icy Russian agent Barbara Bach to thwart underwater kingpin Curt Jurgens and his lethal arsenal - including metal-toothed hitman Jaws (Richard Kiel) and femme fatale Naomi (Caroline Munro). Terrific stunts, a sharp, witty script by Christopher Wood and sexy, world-saving adventure courtesy of Moore & Co. Everything a Bond film should be.

1976, Janus Films, 112 min, Germany, Dir: Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Womanizing writer Walter (Kurt Raab) lives with his nutjob brother Ernst (Volker Spengler), who has a sexual proclivity for houseflies, and juggles drama with both his mistress and wife. Upon becoming obsessed with the work of a 19th-century gay poet, Walter imagines himself as the author’s reincarnation. Aggressively heterosexual, Walter tries to become gay for the full reincarnation to take effect, hiring a slew of handsome young men in togas to be his groupies. Fassbinder’s devilish humor is in full force in this hilarious soap opera, arguably the most flat-out comedy of his career. In German with English subtitles.

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