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1967, Universal, 97 min, Dir: Michael Winner

In Michael Winner’s comedic critique of commercialism, advertising hotshot Andrew Quint (Oliver Reed) quits his high-paying job and begins anew at a small literary magazine. But Andrew soon realizes that expunging everything from his past – including his wife and multiple mistresses - is a tricky task. With Orson Welles, Marianne Faithfull and Carol White.

1933, Warner Bros., 96 min, USA, Dir: Victor Fleming

Victor Fleming’s positively breakneck-pace satire of Hollywood. Jean Harlow is at her peak as harried Lola Burns, a movie matinee idol being driven crazy by relentless press agent Lee Tracy (who also has the hots for her). The movie she’s shooting with director heartthrob Pat O’Brien is modeled after RED DUST. Naughty double entendres fly fast and furious in this razor-sharp and unabashedly shameless screwball comedy produced by M-G-M.

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