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1983, Park Circus/MGM, 79 min, USA, Dir: Woody Allen

Woody Allen directs and stars as 1920s human chameleon Leonard Zelig, whose uncanny ability to mimic others brings him fame and the attentions of psychiatrist Eudora Fletcher (Mia Farrow). This mockumentary makes clever use of contemporary interviews (from such commentators as Susan Sontag and Saul Bellow) and vintage newsreel footage, tweaked to show Zelig interacting with historical figures such as Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh and Adolf Hitler. Santo Loquasto’s costume design and Gordon Willis’s cinematography both earned Oscar nominations. “ZELIG is not only pricelessly funny, it's also, on occasion, very moving. It works simultaneously as social history, as a love story, as an examination of several different kinds of film narrative, as satire and as parody.” - Vincent Canby, The New York Times.

2012, Disney, 60 min, USA, Dir: Josh Selig

This musical mockumentary follows four of the cutest spuds to ever rule the radio waves from their humble beginnings on an Idaho potato farm to international pop stardom. But at the height of their fame, the lovable diva Ruby decides that she’s the real star and abandons Nate the jazzy poet, Chip the sweetheart and Olaf the chubby intellectual - until the eventual reunion concert! Featuring musical numbers punctuated by interviews with fans, a former manager, and the Southern DJ who helped them to early success, this animated treat was created as a THIS IS SPINAL TAP for the preschool set but has picked up an even larger fan base of older kids and tweens. Recommended ages: 3 and up.

Hitler In Hollywood
2010, Wallonie Bruxelles Images, 85 min, Belguim, Dir: Frédéric Sojcher

In this provocative and hilarious mockumentary from - Frédéric Sojcher, actress Maria de Medeiros (PULP FICTION, BABEL) winningly goes high-camp as a documentarian paying homage to iconic 1930s actress Micheline Presle. As she delves into Micheline's life and past career, she uncovers (Nazi!) connections to her subject that could threaten her life and change the history of Hollywood forever. In French and Portugese with English subtitles.

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