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1963, Janus Films, 128 min, Dir: Tony Richardson

At the height of the British New Wave in the early 1960s, director Tony Richardson and playwright John Osborne set out for more fanciful territory than the gritty realism of the movement they’d helped establish. TOM JONES brings a theatrical flair to Henry Fielding’s canonical 18th-century novel, boisterously chronicling the misadventures of the foundling of the title (Albert Finney, in a career-defining performance), whose easy charm seems to lead him astray at every turn from his beloved, the well-born Sophie Western (Susannah York). This spirited picaresque, evocatively shot in England’s rambling countryside and featuring an extraordinary ensemble cast, went on to become a worldwide sensation, winning the Oscar for best picture on the way to securing its status as a classic of irreverent wit and playful cinematic expression.

NED KELLY (1970)
1970, Park Circus/MGM, 99 min, UK, Dir: Tony Richardson

Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger plays the title role in Tony Richardson’s (TOM JONES) biopic of the legendary Australian bushranger. Beautifully shot and thoroughly anti-establishment, this rousing drama musters a good deal of sympathy for the poor devil, driven by police persecution to robbery and eventually homicide in the 1870s. Outlaw country singers Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson helped supply the soundtrack.

HAMLET (1969)
1969, Sony Repertory, 117 min, UK, Dir: Tony Richardson

Shakespeare’s classic tragedy gets the Tony Richardson treatment (brought to the screen after a successful stage run of Richardson’s own production in London), and stars Nicol Williamson in the titular role, with Anthony Hopkins as King Claudius and Marianne Faithfull as Ophelia.

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