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1979, Rainbow Releasing, 94 min, UK, Dir: Terry Jones

Directed by Monty Python’s naked piano player, Terry Jones, on the remains of the sets from Zeffirelli's JESUS OF NAZARETH. Graham Chapman stars as Brian, Jesus' next-door neighbor, in one of the most hilariously dangerous comedies ever. A combination of Mel Brooks, the Marx Brothers and Thomas Paine's The Age of Reason. Blessed are the Cheesemakers?

1989, Park Circus/MGM, 107 min, UK, Dir: Terry Jones

Told by village wise woman Freya (Eartha Kitt) that Fenrir the wolf has swallowed the sun and plunged the world into the dark age of Ragnarok, Erik (Tim Robbins) gathers warriors from his village to petition the gods to end the darkness. This film has been described as a “Python-esque satire of Viking life,” and also stars Mickey Rooney as Erik’s grandfather. As a favor to his friend and director Jones, John Cleese agreed to replace Jack Lemmon as Hafdan the Black on short notice. “Be there … or beheaded!”

1983, Universal, 107 min, UK, Dir: Terry Jones

This Grand Prix winner at the Cannes Film Festival includes a look at Terry Gilliam (BRAZIL, 12 MONKEYS)’s innovative directorial style with the gorgeously surreal opening short “Crimson Permanent Assurance.” Pushing comedy boundaries to the extreme, the cast of Monty Python sing, dance and vomit their way into retirement. Featuring, without a doubt, the greatest musical number about birth control in film history.

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