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2016, True Colors, 97 min, Italy, Dir: Paolo Genovese

At one time or another, we’ve all been to a dinner that was interrupted by someone’s phone - but what if everyone there got to hear the call? That’s the ingenious premise behind this David di Donatello winner for Best Film, where seven friends gather and play a party game in which the secrets (and tensions) escalate. Kasia Smutniak, Alba Rohrwacher, Marco Giallini and Valerio Mastandrea are among the talented ensemble cast. With its finger firmly on the pulse of the universal fear of exposure, PERFECT STRANGERS has become a sensation in Italy and has been sold internationally.

2012, Lotus Production, 120 min, Italy, Dir: Paolo Genovese

The latest film from director Paolo Genovese (THE IMMATURE) earned a Nastro d’Argento nomination for Best Comedy from the Italian film critics union (S.N.G.C.I.). The wealthy Leone (Sergio Castellitto) dreads the thought of spending another Christmas alone - so he hires a group of actors to play his family. In Italian with English subtitles.

2011, 108 min, Italy, Dir: Paolo Genovese

Twenty years after the dissolution of their friend group, child psychologist Giorgio (Raoul Bova), realtor Lorenzo (Ricky Memphis), mother and manager Luisa (Barbara Bobulova), chef and rehabilitated sex addict Francesca (Ambra Angiolini), radio DJ Piero (Luca Bizzarri) and Virgilio (Paulo Kessisoglu), whose lie was the catalyst for the group’s breakup, are all on the brink of turning 40. When the Ministry of Education informs them each separately that their SAT scores have been voided and they will need to re-take the test, the ex-friends are forced to meet again. A winning comedy about continued immaturity well into adulthood. Nominated for 4 National Italian Union of Film Journalists Awards, including Best Comedy and Best Supporting Actor (Ricky Memphis). In Italian with English subtitles.

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