2019, 90 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Mariano Cohn

A box office hit in Argentina, this wild tale of crime and punishment was inspired by actual events. Peter Lanzani stars as Ciro, a petty thief in Buenos Aires who breaks into a 4x4 truck to steal its stereo system and gets caught inside. When the car phone rings, he picks it up – only to be told by the vehicle’s owner that he has soundproofed and polarized the interior so that no one will know someone is trapped inside. Dady Brieva costars as Ciro’s tormentor in a claustrophobic thriller from the director and writer behind THE DISTINGUISHED CITIZEN.

2016, 118 min, Argentina/Spain, Dir: Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn

Writer Daniel Mantovani (Oscar Martínez) left Argentina decades ago but still draws upon memories of his hometown for his books. After he wins the Nobel Prize, Daniel is invited to return to the place of his birth to accept a “Distinguished Citizen” award … and gets to see how far the little village has diverged from the fictional version he’s created of it. A laugh-filled look at how art and celebrity transform our lives.

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