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2018, A24, 95 min, France, Dir: Gaspar Noé

The setting is France in 1996; Daft Punk has just redefined music and the dance community has responded with a visceral new language as violent as it is beautiful. As a group of dancers unwinds at a remote lodge, an acid-spiked punch turns hedonism into horror, and the gathering quickly descends into Lord of the Flies territory. Sofia Boutella (THE KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE) stars as Selva, the troupe's manager, with some of France’s hottest dancers (including Claude Gajan Maull, Vince Galliot Cumant and Thea Carla Schott) surrounding her. Filled with bravura sequences, the relentlessly immersive onslaught that is CLIMAX reaffirms Gaspar Noé’s status as one of contemporary film’s greatest provocateurs.

2015, Alchemy, 134 min, France, Belgium, Dir: Gaspar Noé

“For years I have dreamed of making a film that would fully reproduce the passion of a young couple in love, in all its physical and emotional excesses,” notes writer-director Gaspar Noé of this erotic drama. Murphy (Karl Glusman) is a young American living in Paris, caught between his past and his sexually and emotionally charged affair with the unstable Electra (Aomi Muyock). After Electra mentions fantasizing about a threesome, she and Murphy invite their pretty neighbor (Klara Kristin) into their bed, an event that has seismic effects on their relationship. Among the most provocative premieres at Cannes, LOVE features some of the most graphic sex scenes ever filmed. In English and French with English subtitles.

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