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1956, Paramount, 95 min, Dir: Frank Tashlin

The final big-screen pairing of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis is this hilarious road movie. When a new car is raffled off, both film buff Malcolm Smith (Jerry Lewis) and gambler Steve Wiley (Dean Martin) claim the prize and agree to share it on a cross-country trip to Tinseltown, where Malcolm hopes to meet his favorite actress (Anita Ekberg). With an aspiring dancer (Pat Crowley) and a Great Dane (“Mr. Bascomb”) as fellow travelers, it’s a thoroughly entertaining ride given plenty of cartoon-like zing by animator Tashlin.

1955, Paramount, 109 min, Dir: Frank Tashlin

Former Looney Tunes director Frank Tashlin was the perfect choice to helm this wacky tale about comic books and their creators. In one of the last and best films of their highly successful partnership, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis play an aspiring artist and his comics-obsessed roommate; Dorothy Malone and Shirley MacLaine (in her second feature) provide romantic interest. Along with prime Lewis slapstick, Dino gets to croon some wonderful songs by Harry Warren and Jack Brooks.

1963, Paramount, 90 min, USA, Dir: Frank Tashlin

Director Frank Tashlin’s background in cartoons made him a perfect fit for Jerry Lewis’ knockabout comedy; this hilarious film is a highlight of both their careers. Hapless Norman Phiffier (Lewis) and rich girl Barbara Tuttle (Jill St. John) are in love, but the young woman’s mother (Agnes Moorehead) disapproves, and puts her daughter’s suitor through the gauntlet at the department store she owns in an effort to get rid of him.

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