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1970, Universal, 116 min, USA, Dir: Don Siegel

Gunslinger Clint Eastwood is none too happy when nun Shirley MacLaine tags along on his journey through the Mexico desert, but he can't deny his growing attraction to her. As the two traveling partners get mixed up in local politics involving the French and Juarista rebels, an unlikely romance blossoms amidst shootouts and chases courtesy of action specialist Don Siegel. Based on a story by Western legend Budd Boetticher.

1956, Paramount, 80 min, USA, Dir: Don Siegel

Director Don Siegel (DIRTY HARRY) and screenwriter Daniel Mainwaring adapted Jack Finney’s novel into a brilliant, utterly compelling sci-fi story of a Southern California small town overtaken by alien seedpods, which mutate into emotionless doppelgangers of the human inhabitants. Still one of the most frightening movies ever made and a paranoiac’s delight, the picture has been credited as a metaphor for the Red Scare. Kevin McCarthy is excellent as the returning-from-a-trip doctor who gradually realizes the insidious changes going on right under his nose. The exceptional supporting cast includes Dana Wynter, Carolyn Jones (Morticia of TV’s "The Addams Family"), King Donovan, Larry Gates and a cameo by a young Sam Peckinpah (!).

1954, BFI, 81 min, USA, Dir: Don Siegel

Ida Lupino co-wrote and stars in this brawny, booze-fueled drama about a desperate cop (Steve Cochran) straying off the straight-and-narrow, falling for a world-weary lounge singer (Lupino) and betraying his partner (Howard Duff). Don Siegel directs the character-driven script with his usual vigor, but this time his patented punch is tempered by Lupino’s more leisurely storytelling style - and the bourbon-soaked performances of a once-vital cast hurtling headlong toward has-been status. NOT ON DVD

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