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2015, Rai Com, 104 min, Italy, Dir: Cristina Comencini

Italian actor Saverio (a charismatic Francesco Scianna) personified the Latin lover of the title, portraying a legion of romantic leads onscreen and fathering five daughters (each with a different woman). Ten years after Saverio’s death, his hometown of Apulia stages a memorial, bringing ex-wives, children and former associates together to regrind old axes. Beginning with this ensemble comedy setup, LATIN LOVER ultimately emerges as a love letter to the glory days of Italian film. With Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Marisa Paredes and Virna Lisi (in her final performance). In Italian with English subtitles.

2011, Celluloid Dreams, 114 min, Italy, Dir: Cristina Comencini

Single mother Marina (Claudia Pandolfi) and her 2-year-old son Marco are sojourning in the small mountain town of Macugnaga for a month-long holiday, setting up camp in the most remote house in the village. This seemingly bucolic ideal quickly turns sour when Marco refuses to stop crying, and, after an accident that requires the little boy to get stitches, the misanthropic house owner and mountain guide Manfred (Filippo Timi) is convinced that Marina is a neglectful and possibly abusive mother. So begins Cristina Comencini's (DON'T TELL, Academy Award nominated for Best Foreign-Language Film in 2006) thoughtful drama about parenthood and its effects, as Marina and Manfred must confront each other's shortcomings - while also facing their growing attraction to one another. Nominated for the Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. In Italian with English subtitles.

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