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2017, 107 min, Germany, Dir: Andres Veiel

Thirty years after his death, Joseph Beuys, known worldwide as the man with the hat, the felt and the “Fettecke,” is remembered as a visionary artist. Though his work was once derided in Germany as “the most expensive trash of all time,” Beuys became the first German artist to have a solo exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Comprised of previously unpublished audio and visual material, this Golden Bear-nominated documentary creates an intimate portrait of the artist that opens up spaces for ideas and discussion. Capturing the film’s subject as he boxes, chats, lectures and explains art to a dead hare, Veiel also presents Beuys as a family man, teacher and Green Party candidate, whose contradictions and tensions inspired an expanded concept of art that feeds directly into today’s social, political and moral debates.

2011, Senator Film, 124 min, Germany, Dir: Andres Veiel

For fans of THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX, this is a must-see. Chronicling the decadelong relationship (which produced son Felix) between radical-left poster girl Gudrun Ensslin (a terrific Lena Lauzemis) and writer Bernward Vesper (August Diehl), director Andres Veiel gets inside the mindset of a divided Berlin teeming with radical change. As the increasingly left-wing Vesper struggles with mixed feelings for his father, one of Hitler's favorite writers during the Nazi regime, and as Ensslin slowly but steadily transforms from a wide-eyed co-ed to a steely revolutionary, the incendiary couple's stormy personal life evolves in constantly unpredictable directions. Vesper is saddled with trying to honor his father's deathbed wish to have his writings favored by the fascists republished in a changed early 1960s Germany. Winner of both the Alfred Bauer Award and Prize of the Guild of German Arthouse Cinemas, and nominated for the Golden Bear, at the Berlin International Film Festival 2011. In German with English subtitles.

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