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2019, 80 min, Dir: Joe Begos

Dora Madison does a star turn as Dezzy, an artist who has lost her muse and is on the way to losing her agent, her apartment and her career ... until her dealer gives her a hit of bliss, a new drug on the street. After a dose, she spends the night getting wrecked and hooking up in threesomes, and awakes the next day with renewed inspiration to paint. Convinced she has a thirst for blood, her craving for the drug escalates, as does her creative output; her masterpiece takes shape while she herself spirals out of control. Shooting on 16mm, guerrilla-style, Begos achieves the kind of grit and dirt exemplified in DRILLER KILLER and MANIAC with an absolutely unrelenting shotgun-to-the-face of a film.

2019, 92 min, Dir: Joe Begos

Joe Begos’ second film of 2019 is being described by the filmmaker as THE WILD BUNCH meets NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. In this star-studded bloodbath, Vietnam vets Steven Lang, Fred Williamson, William Sadler and Martin Kove have to defend their VFW post from a band of post-apocalyptic, drug-addicted mutants tracking a woman named Lizard, who stole their stash of “Hype” and is holed up in the bar with the aforementioned vets. The film exploits the confines of the bar to ratchet up the tension and fill the screen with buckets of blood - it's an absolute riot seeing our grizzled crew taking out the gang by ever-more violent means as the film zips along with Begos’ trademark insanity and punk-rock ethos.

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