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2004, Sony Pictures Classics, 106 min, Dir: Pedro Almodóvar

Pedro Almodóvar’s follow-up to his Academy Award-winning TALK TO HER, BAD EDUCATION is an outrageous tale of desire, revenge and murder. Filmmaker Enrique (Fele Martínez) gets a visit from an aspiring actor claiming to be his old school friend Ignacio (Gael Garcia Bernal, Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN), who has written a story about their traumatic childhood spent at Catholic school. In the story, a drag performer known as Zahara (also played by Bernal) attempts to blackmail a predatory priest by exposing their scandalous past. The tale provides the inspiration for Enrique's next film. But when the villainous priest from their school days arrives to tell his own version of the events, the truth is wilder than anything anyone could have imagined. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone raves, "Gael Garcia Bernal is dynamite!" and calls the film "a rapturous masterwork!"

2019, Sony Pictures Classics, 113 min, Spain/France, Dir: Pedro Almodóvar

There is no shortage of comparisons between Fellini’s 8 ½ and Pedro Almodóvar’s latest work, PAIN AND GLORY. Like Fellini, Almodóvar draws upon his own life to construct the story of a director in decline. As Salvador Mallo, Antonio Banderas is a man caught between past and present, reliving the experiences that have shaped him while he grapples with addiction and a state of creative stasis. Yet Almodóvar’s portrait of the artist in limbo is characterized by the particular blend of sexuality, nostalgia and familial attachment that the Spanish auteur has made his signature. A competitor for the Palme d’Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival - where Banderas received the Best Actor Award for his performance - PAIN AND GLORY is a confessional exploration of the toll that human relationships take and of the restorative power of creation.

2017, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 128 min, Spain, Dir: Fernando Trueba

Director Fernando Trueba revisits the characters of his THE GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS some 20 years later with another comedic tale of a chaotic film shoot. Penelope Cruz returns as Macarena Granada, now a Hollywood star, who has been cast in a musical biopic of Queen Isabella being made in Madrid during the Franco regime; Mandy Patinkin and Cary Elwes join the crew as a screenwriter and leading man, respectively.

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