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1960, Cinelicious, 79 min, USA, Dir: Leslie Stevens

Future “The Outer Limits” creator Leslie Stevens made this subversive examination of gender roles on a minuscule budget; denied MPAA approval due to its controversial subject matter, it vanished for decades until this new restoration. A pair of drifters – the devious Duke (Corey Allen) and slow-witted Boots (Warren Oates) – follows a beautiful young woman (Kate Manx) from a gas station to her Hollywood hills home in the hopes of seducing her. Menace is never far from the surface in this prescient drama, strikingly shot in B&W by noir specialist Ted McCord.

1973, Park Circus/MGM, 107 min, USA, Dir: John Milius

For his feature directorial debut, high-powered screenwriter John Milius crafted an action-packed biopic about Depression-era criminal John Dillinger, because “of all the outlaws, he was the most marvelous.” Warren Oates is marvelous himself in the title role, with Harry Dean Stanton and Richard Dreyfuss as members of his gang, Ben Johnson as the FBI agent on Dillinger’s trail and Cloris Leachman as “the Lady in Red” who led the notorious gangster to his bloody end at a Chicago movie theater.

1978, 102 min, Italy, Dir: Monte Hellman

Easy choice for gunslinger Fabio Testi: the noose or a contract on ex-gunman Warren Oates (in his final Western), who just won’t sell out to the railroad. Only trouble is, Testi’s tired of killing, he and Oates hit it off, and Oates’ wife Jenny Agutter (WALKABOUT), is lonely. With a Sam Peckinpah cameo. In English.

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