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2004, Fox Searchlight Pictures, 123 min, USA, Dir: Alexander Payne

Writer-director Alexander Payne's fourth feature film (following CITIZEN RUTH, ELECTION and ABOUT SCHMIDT) starts with two old friends setting off on a wine-tasting road trip . . . only to veer dizzily SIDEWAYS into a wry, comedic exploration of the crazy vicissitudes of love and friendship, the damnable persistence of loneliness and dreams and the enduring war between Pinot and Cabernet. Thomas Haden Church plays Jack, a womanizer who is about to be married. Best friend/wine lover Miles (Paul Giamatti) takes his buddy on a tour of the wine country as a last hurrah before Jack ties the knot. The two buddies soon find themselves caught in a heady mix of wine and woman, with Jack's upcoming nuptials fast approaching.

1995, Universal, 92 min, USA, Dir: Ernest R. Dickerson

The popular HBO horror series brings its distinctive mix of thrills and laughs to the big screen (along with plenty of gore). William Sadler stars as a man who stumbles into a remote town one step ahead of The Collector (Billy Zane, simply amazing), a demonic entity trying to lay hands on a key possessing universal power. With Jada Pinkett Smith and Thomas Haden Church.

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