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1977, Park Circus/MGM, 85 min, Mexico/UK, Dir: Rene Cardona, Jr.

While vacationing on the Mexican coast, businessman Hugo Stiglitz strikes up a friendship with local swimming instructor Andrés García and the two hunt for sharks - when they’re not busy chasing women. Such lovely ladies as Susan George, Priscilla Barnes and Fiona Lewis fall effortlessly into their arms, but a vicious tiger shark (“tintorera” in Spanish) is more problematic.

1971, Walt Disney Co., 118 min, UK, USA, Dir: Sam Peckinpah

“The knock at the door meant the birth of one man and the death of seven others!” Enormously controversial and banned in Britain upon its initial release, this tale of an intellectual pacifist (Dustin Hoffman), pushed to the limit by a sadistic, hard-drinking family of hooligans, was cut by several minutes in the U.S., excising graphic footage of spouse Susan George's rape and the bone-jarring, blood-drenched climax, which softened the ferocious impact of Peckinpah’s allegory of supposedly civilized humans reverting to their most primitive state. Nominated for Best Original Score at the 1972 Oscars.

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