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2018, ARTE, 95 min, Germany/France, Dir: Sven Taddicken

Schoolteachers Malte and Liv are on summer vacation on the Mediterranean coast when they are attacked by a group of teenage intruders, a traumatic event that ultimately takes the couple years to overcome mentally and emotionally. Just when they begin to move on with their lives, Malte has a chance encounter with one of the perpetrators, and the couple are faced with a choice: Continue to repress the experience or indulge their fantasies for revenge. Starring Luise Heyer, Maximilian Brückner and Leonard Kunz. “In terms of the emotive arc offered to the viewer, this film does things that are completely unexpected, and in doing so it moves far beyond the usual scope of narratives about recovery or revenge.” - Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film.

2019, Lischke & Klandt Filmproduktion, 109 min, Germany, Dir: Christian Klandt

Luise Heyer stars in this day-in-the-life portrait of Lene, who manages a popular blues and jazz bar in Germany. After a long break away from her trade, Lene returns with conflicting feelings of excitement and anxiety as she awaits the arrival of Leif, a popular musician she discovered in Copenhagen who is set to play in her bar. As the day goes on and Lene chats with everyone from deliverymen to plumbers to barflies, a certain poetic rhythm sets in, and even the most mundane tasks become compelling tableaus of everyday life.

2011, Credofilm, 90 min, Germany, Dir: Robert Thalheim

It is 1988, a year before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 17-year-old twins and best friends Doreen and Isabel (Friederike Becht and Luise Heyer), both successful oarswomen, are spending the summer at the placid Lake Balaton in the Soviet satellite state of Hungary. Yet the tranquility of their focused summer begins to crumble when Doreen falls for Arne (Franz Dinda), a young West German. Confronted with the first real instance of possible rupture in their relationship, and with the reality that the divided Germany of their childhood is about to radically change, Doreen and Isabel find themselves looking ahead to an uncertain future and the most momentous decision of their lives. In German with English subtitles.

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