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1966, Paramount, 91 min, USA, Dir: Michael D. Moore

Elvis Presley makes his final big-screen visit to our 50th state in this music-filled comedy. Presley stars as Rick Richards, a freewheeling former airline pilot who starts a charter helicopter business on Kauai with buddy James Shigeta. Whether shot from the air or the ground, the island visuals are stunning; adding to the fun are co-stars Suzanna Leigh, Marianne Hill and 10-year-old scene-stealer Donna Butterworth, who duets with Elvis on a couple of songs.

1958, Paramount, 116 min, Dir: Michael Curtiz

Director Michael Curtiz (CASABLANCA) directs yet one more of The King’s better films. Although the studio and The Colonel toned things down a bit, this adaptation of Harold Robbins’ bestseller A Stone For Danny Fisher remains surprisingly good. Young New Orleans punk and high school dropout Danny (Elvis) quits his busboy job and wrangles his way into performing a song in front of a club’s duly-stunned patrons. Before long, he is in demand and being pressured by mobster club owner Maxie Fields (Walter Matthau) to sign an exclusive contract. Elvis once again receives grand support from such pros as Carolyn Jones, Dolores Hart (his leading lady in LOVING YOU and a future real-life nun!), Dean Jagger, Vic Morrow and Paul Stewart. Songs include the title ditty as well as "Hard Headed Woman," "Trouble" and more!

1957, Warner Brothers, 96 min, Dir: Richard Thorpe

In his third film, Elvis is Vince Everett, a guy in the pen for manslaughter. His cellmate, Hunk Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy) is a former country star who introduces him to the record business. Once the King is released, he quickly rises to the top as a rock ‘n’ roll singer. But will he remember the folks who got him there? Another of Elvis’ best, it features slambang Leiber-Stoller songs, and the jaw-dropping "Jailhouse Rock" production number. Elvis belts out the title tune as well as "Baby, I Don’t Care" and more!

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