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2017, Rai Com, 103 min, Italy, Dir: Gianni Amelio

Renato Carpentieri won the Italian Golden Globes Best Actor award as retired lawyer Lorenzo, a self-centered grouch with a heart of gold. His health failing and estranged from his family, Lorenzo grows close to the new family next door - but the neighboring household is not as happy as it seems, and catastrophe awaits. Amelio’s adaptation of Lorenzo Moreno’s prize-winning novel The Temptation to Be Happy is both a powerfully acted character study and an evocative portrait of middle-class Naples.

2012, Fandango Portobello, 105 min, Italy, Dir: Ferzan Ozpetek

In Ferzan Ozpetek's charmingly strange comedic drama, Elio Germano stars as Pietro, a 20-something gay pastry chef and would-be actor who happens to live with a former theater troupe of dramatic, hand-wringing ghosts (led by Giuseppe Fiorello and Margherita Buy) in his new apartment in Rome. As Pietro tries to co-exist with his Grand Guignol roommates, he learns of their unsettling history, which came to a blunt, mysterious end in 1943. Meanwhile, the spooks help him with his love life. With Vittoria Puccini. Winner of the Best Director, Actor (Germano) and Supporting Actress (Paula Minaccioni) and Supporting Actor (Fiorello) awards at the 2012 Golden Globes Italy and recipient of the Silver Ribbon for Best Original Story by the Italian film critics union (S.N.G.C.I.). In Italian with English subtitles.

2012, Fandango Portobello, 120 min, Italy, Dir: Daniele Vicari

When a slew of hardboiled cops raid the Diaz school, looking for a ring of international anarchist thugs but finding hundreds of mostly peaceful protestors sleeping, the police brutality reaches a fever pitch. Based on real events in Genoa in 2001, Daniele Vicari's hard-hitting procedural exposé stars Claudio Santamaria as Max, one of the film's few good cops, Elio Germano as an unlucky journalist, Jennifer Ulrich as a German demonstrator submitted to particularly heinous police treatment, and Davide Iacopini as the organizer of the G8 Summit. An official selection at the 2012 Berlin and Karlovy Vary international film festivals. In Italian with English subtitles.

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