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1972, Universal, 97 min, USA, Dir: Jerry Paris

"Your ruby red lips taste like prairie dust." Jerry Paris ("The Dick Van Dyke Show") directs this hilariously bonkers made-for-TV cult classic, with John Astin starring as Evil Roy Slade, the teddybear-toting "meanest villain in the West" who falls for and is convinced to live the straight life of a family man by sweet schoolteacher Betsy Potter (Pamela Austin). But Roy’s criminal past catches up to him, and the egomaniacal singing Marshal Bing Bell (Dick Shawn) starts to pursue him. With an all-star cast that includes Mickey Rooney as railroad tycoon Nelson L. Stool, Milton Berle as Betsy's reluctant cousin Foss, and Dom DeLuise as pacifist psychologist Logan Delp.

2011, Sony Repertory (Columbia), 92 min, USA, Dir: Robert Moore

In this follow-up to MURDER BY DEATH, Peter Falk stars as Lou Peckinpaugh, a penny-pinching private eye trying to stay ahead of the police as he tracks down his partner’s killer and some missing diamonds in 1940s San Francisco. This loving parody of film noir - and Bogart movies in particular - rounds up all sorts of usual suspects, including Ann-Margret, Eileen Brennan, Sid Caesar, Madeline Kahn, Dom DeLuise, Stockard Channing and Louise Fletcher, to play the assorted femmes fatale, fall-guys, cops and crooks peopling Neil Simon’s gag-filled screenplay.

1987, MGM/Park Circus, 96 min, USA, Dir: Mel Brooks

“May the schwartz be with you.” Bill Pullman, John Candy and Rick Moranis head up the cast in Mel Brooks' hilarious riff on STAR WARS, which is as much a satire on that movie's impact on the film industry (with particularly sly jabs at corporate merchandising) as it is on STAR WARS itself. Brooks is a riot in two roles (including the Yoda-inspired "Yoghurt"), with diminutive Rick Moranis marching around as “Dark Helmet,” Dom DeLuise voicing the pepperoni-and-cheese blob Pizza the Hut, and Daphne Zuniga rounds out the cast in the Princess Leia part (here, Princess Vespa).

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