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2015, 120 min, Germany, Dir: Wolfgang Becker

Journalist Sebastian Zöllner (Daniel Brühl) believes he has the perfect subject to jump-start his failing career: painter Manuel Kaminski (Jesper Christensen). The once-famous, now-reclusive Kaminski is in the twilight of his years, and the opportunistic Zöllner takes the artist to visit his lost love Therese in an effort to win the man’s trust - a tragicomic road trip that proves a humbling experience for Zöllner. Reuniting the director and star of GOODBYE, LENIN!, this look at art and regret is full of playful visuals and surprising supporting turns by such talents as Denis Levant and Geraldine Chaplin. In German and English with English Subtitles.

2007, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 96 min, France, Dir: Julie Delpy

A Parisian getaway becomes anything but romantic for a high-strung New York couple in Julie Delpy's smart, sexy comedy about how opposites attract - and then slowly drive each other crazy. Marion (Delpy) is a French photographer and Jack (Adam Goldberg) is an American interior designer. After a less-than-idyllic vacation in Italy, they stop off in Paris for two days, where Jack is flummoxed by a new language and culture - and a bevy of Marion’s flirtatious ex-boyfriends. As the cultural divide between them grows, will these two days in Paris become their last as a couple, or the beginning of a richer life together? Written, directed and edited by Delpy, it is an insightful, bitingly funny dissection of contemporary relationships that rings true in any language.

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