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2019, Beta Cinema, 98 min, Germany, Dir: Jan-Ole Gerster

Director Jan-Ole Gerster (A COFFEE IN BERLIN) returns with this nuanced drama about a woman’s day-long excursion into a troubled past. On her 60th birthday, Lara (Corinna Harfouch) prepares for her son Viktor’s (Tom Schilling) all-important debut piano concert by spreading the word (and free tickets) all over town. Lara has every reason to be the proud mother, but a dark history prevents her from reconnecting with those from her past, especially with Viktor. With echoes of Michael Haneke’s THE PIANO TEACHER and mysteries that unravel with delicate precision, LARA is a fascinating character study with a surprising sense of warmth beneath its cold exterior. “There are powerful, profound moments in store for audiences here, mysteries to be resolved, and those […] for which we can never pretend to have a solution.” - Peter Debruge, Variety.

2013, 91 min, Germany, Dir: Frauke Finsterwalder

Set in a sunlit country of shiny, happy people, director Frauke Finsterwalder’s fiction debut offers a visually stunning look at the lives of contemporary Germans over the course of a single day. Through its sophisticated screenplay and ensemble cast including Sandra Hüller, Corinna Harfouch, Roland Zehrfeld and Michael Märtens, FINSTERWORLD intertwines the stories of a police officer with a hidden passion; a documentary filmmaker who lacks vision; a pedicurist and his lonely older client; a wealthy couple who refuse to drive in a German car; a history student who is unmoved by a visit to a concentration camp; and a hermit living in the woods. In each case, something is missing, and these deceptively simple scenarios give way to incisive observations about German identity, leavened with warmth and laughter to create a darkly humorous modern fairy tale. In German with English subtitles.

2012, 85 min, Germany, Dir: Hans-Christian Schmid

A family is sent into a tailspin when mother Gitte (Corinna Harfouch) announces she’s stopped taking her bipolar-disorder medication. Elegantly depicting the complexity of familial relationships, while subtly analyzing each member's role in helping and hurting one another, Hans-Christian Schmid's moving drama features a lovely, remarkable performance from Harfouch. "An absorbingly detailed snapshot of a troubled family. ...Melancholy, affecting and tender without being sentimental, [this] German chamber piece benefits from sterling ensemble work and characters that are both specific to their European upper-middle-class milieu and utterly relatable." - The Hollywood Reporter. Nominated for the Golden Bear at the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival. In German with English subtitles.

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