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1988, Warner Bros., 116 min, USA, Dir: Sidney Lumet

Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti are a couple of ex-radicals who have been on the run from the FBI for years; River Phoenix is their son struggling under the weight of his parents' past and expectations. Naomi Foner's subtle, complex script enables director Sidney Lumet to develop one of his favorite themes (explored earlier in DANIEL), that of children forced to pay for their parents' mistakes. One of Roger Ebert’s ten best films of 1988.

1987, Sony Repertory, 116 min, USA, Dir: Bill Forsyth

Scottish master Bill Forsyth directs his first American feature adapting novelist Marilynne Robinson's tale of two sisters who live with their offbeat Aunt Sylvie (Christine Lahti). A graceful, witty character study, HOUSEKEEPING boasts superb performances and period detail (the setting is the Pacific Northwest of the 1950s), and remains one of the finest films ever made about the blurry line between nonconformity and madness. This unforgettable film was one of Roger Ebert’s ten best films of 1987.

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