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1925, Cohen Media, 69 min, USA, Dir: Buster Keaton

After mere minutes in the overwhelming metropolis of New York City, a country bumpkin known only as "Friendless" (Buster Keaton) tries his luck on a cattle ranch. Everything is going smoothly until the ranch goes bankrupt, at which point Friendless must load all the cattle onto a train and take them to a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles. A violent shoot-out complicates matters, and leaves Friendless alone on a train destined to L.A.... with 1,000 cows.

1926, Douris Corp., 80 min, USA, Dir: Buster Keaton

During the Civil War, train engineer Johnny Grey (Keaton, at his most fearless and funny) has his beloved locomotive stolen by Union spies. He boards and mans another massive train, appropriately named Texas, and sets out to pursue and catch up to his kidnapped steam engine. This classic film is not only an inimitable comedy but also a feat of physical daring, and is not to be missed! Includes Keaton riding the front of a moving train, running along the roof and jumping from car to car, and the filming of a locomotive careening off a collapsing bridge!

1925, Cohen Media, 56 min, USA, Dir: Buster Keaton

Keaton plays James "Jimmie" Shannon, a man confronted with a proposition both very lucky and very unlucky: He can inherit a massive fortune if he marries. The catch? The marriage must occur by 7:00 PM that day.

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