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2013, 106 min, Spain, Dir: Marcelo Piñeyro

With a return address on an envelope his only guide, 8-year-old Ismael (Larsson do Amaral) runs away to Barcelona in search of his estranged father (Mario Casas) but finds instead a grandmother (Belén Rueda) who hadn’t known of Ismael’s existence. As in his earlier KAMCHATKA, Piñeyro displays a sure hand with young actors and serious subjects, and this tale of family reconciliation is both touching and frequently funny. In Spanish with English subtitles.

2012, Outsider Pictures, 125 min, Spain, Dir: Oriol Paulo

A heady mix of classic noir, blood-chilling horror and high suspense, THE BODY is a thriller following a detective (José Coronado) who searches for a corpse that has gone missing from a morgue. A Goya Award nominee for Best New Director, Paolo proves to be a master storyteller with this absorbing plot, which keeps viewers guessing about both the strange circumstances surrounding the victim’s death and the reasons her body has disappeared. “…the kind of breathless, relentless genre fare whose sole aim is to generate suspense, and it pretty much succeeds.” - Jonathan Holland, Variety. In Spanish with English subtitles.

2011, 90 min, Spain, Dir: Montxo Armendariz

A genuinely disturbing sequence early in director Montxo Armendariz's haunting drama about the long-term effects of child abuse arrestingly sets the tone for a thoughtful tale following Silvia (an excellent Michelle Jenner) through life as she copes with a traumatic childhood relationship with her father. Belen Rueda is equally excellent as Silvia's mother, who refuses to see the damage occuring in her own home, and blames her daughter for the rising household tensions. With Cristina Plazas as Silvia's psychologist. Official selection of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2011. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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