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1975, Park Circus/MGM, 117 min, USA, Dir: Michael Ritchie

Director Michael Ritchie’s savage, Norman Rockwell-in-rehab comedy stars Bruce Dern, Barbara Feldon (“Get Smart”), Michael Kidd and Geoffrey Lewis as a group of civic boosters desperately trying to stage a teenage beauty pageant in Santa Rosa, California. Annette O’Toole and Melanie Griffith are among the gorgeous, devious and very un-ladylike contestants in this wickedly funny snapshot of the underbelly of mid-’70s America.

1967, MGM Repertory, 102 min, USA, Dir: Delbert Mann

Dick Van Dyke stars as Claude Fitzwilliam, the head butler to philanthropist Miss Vicki (Edith Evans). When it becomes apparent that his beloved employer is completely broke, Fitzwilliam concocts a scheme to steal from the rich and give to Miss Vicki. With Barbara Feldon (“Get Smart”) as Juliet, who is hired to manage Miss Vicki’s phonetic “Dictionary for Dopes” and falls for the heroic butler.

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