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2015, Bleecker Street Media, 102 min, Dir: Gavin Hood

In this timely thriller, British colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren) conducts a top-secret drone operation tracking terrorists in Kenya. When intelligence reveals the group is planning a suicide bombing, the mission becomes more urgent – and more fraught with complications when a 9-year old girl enters the kill zone. This riveting look at the moral ambiguities of modern-day warfare costars Aaron Paul, Barkhad Abdi and, in one of his final roles, Alan Rickman as Powell’s commanding officer.

2005, Disney, 109 min, Dir: Garth Jennings

Don’t panic - Douglas Adams’ beloved sci-fi franchise arrives on the big screen with its Python-esque sense of humor intact. Everyman Martin Freeman is whisked off of Earth moments before the planet’s destruction to travel across the universe, meeting an eccentric group of characters along the way. This fast-paced and funny film has a cast that’s out of this world, including Mos Def, Sam Rockwell, Zooey Deschanel and Alan Rickman (as a paranoid android), and CGI and creature effects light-years beyond the old BBC-TV series.

1991, Morgan Creek, 143 min, Dir: Kevin Reynolds

This rousing take on the classic folk tale stars Kevin Costner as Robin of Locksley, who with his band of Merry Men robs from the rich and gives to the poor in 13th-century England. Alan Rickman turned down the part of the Sheriff of Nottingham twice before being promised free reign, which he used to deliciously villainous effect, winning a Best Supporting Actor BAFTA Award. Along with an inescapable theme song (Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”), this box office hit features fine performances by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Morgan Freeman.

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