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Events at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood

Fri, Oct 4, 2019 • 10:30pm

West Coast Premiere of 4K Restoration! Released internationally under more than a dozen titles, Spanish-Italian production THE LIVING DEAD OF MANCHESTER MORGUE is set in the English countryside, where an experimental machine designed to kill insects has the unintended effect of reviving dead humans.

Free Screening!
Sat, Oct 5, 2019 • 2:00pm

Free Screening! At most summer camps, there is always a legendary campfire tale that gets passed down from camper to camper; but in the case of the title character in MADMAN, there is truth to the story. When a group of snot-nosed campers decides to mock the folklore murderer, the backwoods barbarian answers the call with the vicious whack of his axe. Plus album release signing!

Live Music!
Sat, Oct 5, 2019 • 4:00pm

Sold Out! West Coast Premiere of 4K Restoration! Director Sam Raimi’s breakthrough 1981 occult thriller THE EVIL DEAD follows a group of five college students trapped in a demon-infested mountain cabin. Starring Bruce Campbell as Ash. Program begins with a live musical performance by composer Joe LoDuca.

Free Screening!
Sat, Oct 5, 2019 • 5:00pm

Free Screening! All angles of weird, wild, and occasionally horrifying cuts are explored in this collection of crime-time thrillers. Films include: "Changeling", "Malacostraca", "Peopling", "Mommy's Pickles", "Hopes", "A Chest of Drawers", "Pepper" and "Lili."

Double Feature! Director Joe Begos In Person!
Sat, Oct 5, 2019 • 7:30pm

Joe Begos Double Feature! In the West Coast premiere of VFW, Vietnam vets Steven Lang, Fred Williamson, William Sadler and Martin Kove have to defend their V.F.W. post from a band of post-apocalyptic mutants tracking a woman hiding there. In BLISS, artist Dora Madison gets a hit of a new drug on the street that boost both her creativity and her mania. Director Joe Begos and select cast in attendance.

Triple Feature! Actor Tom Atkins In Person!
Sun, Oct 6, 2019 • 11:00am

Sold Out! Tom Atkins Triple Feature In HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH, the actor plays an emergency room doctor who tries to prevent a deadly Halloween mask from killing millions. In NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, a couple of pledges thaw out the corpse of a fraternity member who was infected by aliens, unleashing a zombie epidemic on campus. In the new 4K restoration of John Carpenter's THE FOG, bloodthirsty ghost pirates return to decimate a sleepy California coastal town on the 100th anniversary of their shipwreck. Discussion following THE FOG with actor Tom Atkins.