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Aero Theatre
1328 Montana Avenue,
Santa Monica, CA 90403 Map
Thu, Oct 18, 2018

In Person Guests!
Worlds Within Our World: Documentary Shorts 2018
Co-presented by the IDA (International Documentary Association) and FILMLA

Our 3rd annual showcase of non-fiction shorts includes:

So Yun Um’s “Liquor Store Babies” (USA, 5 min.) Two Korean-American friends reflect on their childhood growing up with their fathers who ran Los Angeles liquor stores.

Savannah Rodgers “Dragtivists” (USA, 7 min.) This documentary follows Rayfield Lawrence and Caithe Alexander, two college students in Lawrence, Kansas, whose activism and drag personas intersect in a thought-provoking way.

John Chua’s “Cut: Exposing FGM” (USA, 25 min.) Female genital mutilation, or cutting, can be found as a native practice on all continents. From the Middle East to suburban America, the film uncovers a practice shrouded in traditions, mysteries and irrationalities.

Ivete Lucas & Patrick Bresnan’s “Skip Day” (USA, 16 min.) Intimate glances of a special day in the lives of high-school seniors from an industrial corner of the Florida Everglades. Prom’s over, the future is uncertain and the irresistible pull of the beach, 60 miles away, is worth it with your friends.

Joel Pincosy and Joe Egender’s “My Paintbrush Bites” (USA, 16 min.) A man battling seclusion and a racehorse on the brink of death save each other in unexpected ways.

Amy Rosner and Jillian Corsie’s “Second Assault” (USA, 19 min.) When Jillian was 18 years old, she was raped in her college dorm room. Twelve years later, Second Assault follows her on the journey to confront this incident and, in particular, her anger toward the police officer who deemed the assault consensual. This film explores the trauma of reporting sexual violence and the “second assault” that survivors often experience when they are not believed.

Program compiled by Andrew Crane.

Discussion following with filmmakers So Yun Um, Mark Grasso, Amy Rosner and Jillian Corsie.
90 minutes. | Screening format: digital
Aero Theatre • Thu, Oct 18, 2018 • 7:30pm