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Thu, Mar 21, 2013

Seminars For Filmmakers 2013
Sold Out! Brand New Visual Communication Seminar!
Within The Frame: Designing The Shot

This event is now sold out! Due to high demand, a second "Within The Frame: Designing The Shot" seminar is scheduled for Thursday, March 28 at 7:30PM.

In an era of extreme camera efficiency and portable recording devices, much of the art involved in creating the cinematic shot is now left behind in favor of talking heads and one dimensional composition. And it gets worse! When contemporary Hollywood and Independent filmmakers are not completely obsessed with just capturing dialogue and performance on screen (think of David O. Russell’s talky SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK), they are completely beyond themselves with aspirations to create the most “beautiful” or “awe-inspiring” shot - think at best of David Lean’s astounding LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, then drop down to Kevin Costner’s visually voiceless DANCES WITH WOLVES, then sink to new lows with Wes Anderson’s visually unmotivated disaster MOONRISE KINGDOM or Rupert Sanders’ CGI empty headed whirlwind SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN – now you’ve got the full picture of what cinema has become:

Lots of spectacular talking images with no real visual ability to empower narrative intentions or signify unique character voice.

In the long run, and definitely when it comes to the masters of cinema (both Film Directors and Directors of Photography), much more goes into the conceiving and designing of an effective shot or series of shots for a film. In fact, the art of mise-en-scene - the spatial arrangement of elements within the frame - is actually one of the primary elements of what separates cinema from all other visual mediums.

Cinema is not solely about how pretty a shot is or what is said with onscreen dialogue – Cinema is about how the shot itself speaks and how the shot itself interprets character and provides story definition.

• What Does CLASSICAL COMPOSITION Look Like? What Are Its Primary Conventions? Why Does It Exist Today?


• When It Comes To Character Design and Character Intention, What Are PROXEMIC PATTERNS? How Do They Function?

• What Goes Into The Design Of A Great CLOSE UP?

• Why Employ The LONG TAKE, SPLIT SCREEN or OBLIQUE ANGLES anyway? What Is The Affect Of Each and When Is It Best To Use Them?

• What Is The Emotional and Psychological Difference Between A DOLLY SHOT and A ZOOM?

• What Are OPEN and CLOSED Forms Of Cinematic Shot Construction?

• With THREE VISUAL PLANES To Work With (“The Middleground,” “The Foreground”, and “The Background”), Why Do So Many Contemporary Filmmakers Compose On Only One Dominant Plane?

• What Is The Effect Of A Shot That Emphasizes “THE FOREGROUND” or “THE BACKGROUND”?

• Can A Shot Function On All Three Planes At Once? What Is The Overall Effect Of This Composition and When Is It Best Employed?


• How Can You Create A More Dynamic Form Of Cinema By Understanding The Effect Different SHAPES, COLORS, LINES and TEXTURES Have Upon The Audience?

• LETTING THE SHOT ITSELF SPEAK FOR THE CHARACTER. How Does The Actual Design Of Your Character Tell You How They Would Like To Be Photographed and Situated Within The Shot?

In this seminar where everything’s “within the frame,” Visual Consultant Thomas Ethan Harris pulls focus on the artistry that goes into designing masterful shots that actually speak more than dialogue ever could.

Film clips will be used to inspire an open dialogue with the audience.

Special Ticket Prices: $12 Members, $15 Students/Seniors, $20 General.
180 min. | No passes accepted for this or any other specially-priced program.
Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian • Thu, Mar 21, 2013 • 7:30pm

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