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Mon, Dec 9, 2019

Agnès Varda's Final Film
Double Feature! Limited Engagement! In Person Guests!

Producer, screenwriter and visual artist Patricia Knop was a close friend of Agnès Varda (and can be seen in the director's THE BEACHES OF AGNÈS). Knop wrote LADY OSCAR with Jacques Demy. This evening we pay tribute to both of them.

"“Varda by Agnès” may be a summing up from one end of a long, beautiful life in art. But it has the lightness, curiosity and spirit of a first film, and that tells us who Varda the artist was too: ever inspired, ever creating, ever eager to share." - Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

Introduction by Allison Burnett.
2019, Janus Films, 120 min, France, Dir: Agnès Varda

The final film from the late, beloved Agnès Varda is a characteristically playful, profound and personal summation of the director’s own brilliant career. At once impish and wise, she acts as our spirit guide on a free-associative tour through her six-decade artistic journey, shedding new light on her films, photography and recent installation works while offering her one-of-a-kind reflections on everything from filmmaking to feminism to aging. Suffused with the people, places and things she loved - Jacques Demy, cats, colors, beaches, heart-shaped potatoes - this wonderfully idiosyncratic work of imaginative autobiography is a warmly human, touchingly bittersweet parting gift from one of cinema’s most luminous talents. “A perfect starting point for anyone who wants to understand what movies can be.” - A.O. Scott, The New York Times.

Free Bonus Screening!

1979, Ciné Tamaris, 124 min, Japan/France, Dir: Jacques Demy

Adapted by director Jacques Demy and writer Patricia Knop from the Japanese manga The Rose of Versailles, this drama centers on an aristocratic young woman brought up as a man just prior to the French Revolution. With a father who’d hoped for a male heir, Oscar François de Jarjayes (Catriona MacColl) is raised to follow his footsteps in a military career; when she is eventually appointed to lead the Royal Guard, Lady Oscar enters the secluded and decadent court at Versailles. But as the plight of the common people deepens and popular tensions flare, she finds herself torn between a sense of duty and a young love committed to the cause of change (Barry Stokes). Quintessentially Demy in its aesthetics and subject matter, LADY OSCAR features lavish visuals and a score by the director’s longtime collaborator, Michel Legrand.

Both films with English subtitles. | Special Ticket Prices: $15 General, $13 Cinematheque Members. No vouchers. | Screening formats: DCP (VARDA BY AGNÈS), blu-ray (LADY OSCAR)
Aero Theatre • Mon, Dec 9, 2019 • 7:30pm

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