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Thu, Apr 13, 2017

Double Feature!
35 mm!

1993, Buena Vista Pictures, 130 min, USA, Dir: George P. Cosmatos

This action-packed, all-star retelling of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral remains one of the most successful contemporary Westerns. Kurt Russell stands tall as Wyatt Earp, a lawman hoping to retire to the town of Tombstone, Arizona, only to find it plagued by a vicious band of outlaws known as the Cochise County Cowboys. Sam Elliott and Bill Paxton costar as brothers Virgil and Morgan Earp, and Val Kilmer gives one of his best-ever performances as the ailing but reliable Doc Holliday.

35 mm!

1996, Warner Bros., 113 min, USA, Dir: Jan de Bont

Though on the brink of divorce, husband-and-wife meteorologists Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt work together to test a new storm-warning system, braving some of the most destructive tornados in movie history as they try to stay a step ahead of rival storm chaser Cary Elwes. Oscar-nominated special effects send cows flying through the air and buildings tumbling to the ground in this blockbuster helmed by action specialist Jan de Bont and co-written by Michael Crichton.

Aero Theatre • Thu, Apr 13, 2017 • 7:30pm

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