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Sat, Sep 22, 2018

Double Feature!
Co-presented by Luce Cinecittà
Introduction by actress Regina Nemni. The short “The Last Sequence of THE PASSENGER” (L’ultima Sequenza di PROFESSIONE: REPORTER) (1974, 12 min. Dir. André S. Labarthe) will screen between features.
35 mm!

1975, Sony Pictures Classics, 126 min, Italy, Spain, France, Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni

Bringing together two of the screen’s most exciting personalities, Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider (the latter of whom had become an overnight sensation opposite Marlon Brando in LAST TANGO IN PARIS), THE PASSENGER is, on the simplest level, a suspense story and a haunting portrait of a drained journalist trying to escape his own life, whose deliverance is an identity exchange with a dead man. Based on an original story by Mark Peploe and shot on location in Africa, Spain, Germany and England, this preferred director’s cut is the version of the film that was originally released in Europe under the title PROFESSIONE: REPORTER. “I consider THE PASSENGER my most stylistically mature film. I also consider it a political film as it is topical and fits with the dramatic rapport of the individual in today’s society.” - Michelangelo Antonioni

35 mm!

1970, Warner Bros., 112 min, USA, Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni

Director Michelangelo Antonioni follows the mind-expanding odyssey of two youths on the run from the police after a violent student demonstration. Their surreal adventures in the California desert climax in slow-motion apocalypse to the strains of Pink Floyd.

Egyptian Theatre • Sat, Sep 22, 2018 • 7:30pm

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