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Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028 Map
Thu, Jan 17, 2013


Red Line Tours’ popular Hollywood Behind The Scenes guide-led walking tour tells the story of Tinseltown from its Golden Age to the present. Today the company unveils its new collector’s edition tickets, whose design by famed artist Andre Miripolsky pays tribute to four great directors including Charlie Chaplin.

1940, Janus Films, 127 min, USA, Dir: Charlie Chaplin

The physical resemblance between the Tramp and another famous man with a little black mustache was not lost on Chaplin. In his first all-talking picture, he plays both a Jewish barber and his double, Adenoid Hynkel, the absolute ruler of Tomainia. As Hynkel and his henchmen Herring and Garbitsch engineer the persecution of Jews and the invasion of neighboring Osterlich, the amnesiac barber may be the only person innocent enough to stop them. Throughout the film Chaplin powerfully exploits the deflating power of parody, while in the finale he abandons both character and comedy to deliver an impassioned plea for human tolerance. With Paulette Goddard, Reginald Gardiner, Jack Oakie.

Screening format: 35mm
Egyptian Theatre • Thu, Jan 17, 2013 • 7:30pm