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Aero Theatre
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Wed, May 30, 2012

Short Film Programs 2012
Rural Route Film Festival Shorts Program
Rural Route Films Presents

An independent film festival based in the urbanopolis of New York City, Rural Route brings you "films by and about rural people and places."

Included in the program:

"Anima Mundi" (2010, 4 min). Filmmaker, animator and video artist Kate Balsley combines thousands of individual images of flowers to create a unique, fluid aesthetic. Website

"Holland, MI" (2011, 10 min). Rebecca Rodriguez's portrait of 80-year-old shoe carver Elmer Veldheer, who lives and works on a tulip farm.

"The Bees" (2010, 13 min). Rana Ayoub's documentary portraying the life of a Lebanese beekeeper. Website

"Plot" (2009, 2 min). In the heart of the city, beyond green metal fences, the cycle of growth marches on in George Sander-Jackson's animated short.

"We Are Not What They Say We Are" (2010, 13 min). Jimmy and Mary are two young Roman Gypsies on the tough road to adult life in this group collaboration short.

"Tractor Chicken Scene From OUR FOOTLOOSE REMAKE" (2011, 5 min). Mike Manaswetisch and Willy Roberts beat Hollywood to the punch and created their own FOOTLOOSE remake.

"We're Leaving" (2011, 13 min). Rusty has to find a new place to live with his wife and teenage alligator, Chopper, in Zachary Treitz' narrative short film.

"From the Ashes" (2009, 4 min). A film about the rejuvenation of life from the ashes of forest fires, and a textural visual experience reimagined through mixed media by Dan Sokolowski.

"Fireline" (2010, 7 min). Sara Newens' short film presents a visceral and meditative insight into the scope of fighting wildland fires.

"AWOL" (2010, 14 min). Deb Shoval's short tells the story of a young woman who, days before her deployment to Afghanistan, returns to her home in rural Pennsylvania with dreams of running away to Canada. Website

More information at www.ruralroutefilms.com.

Discussion following the screening with filmmakers Kate Balsley ("Anima Mundi") and Rebecca Rodriguez ("Holland, MI").
80 min.
Aero Theatre • Wed, May 30, 2012 • 7:30pm

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