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Orson Welles' talent and imagination were so prodigious that he spanned radio, film, television, books and theater and excelled in them all. His very first film, CITIZEN KANE, is generally considered one of the greatest movies ever made. Loosely inspired by the life of William Randolph Hearst, the film is a brilliant display of unusual lighting and camera angles, innovative use of sound and extended takes - as are such later features as Welles’ film noir masterpieces THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI and TOUCH OF EVIL.

Unfortunately, 1958’s TOUCH OF EVIL was the last time Welles had a major studio in his corner. But that never stopped him from making movies; with the drive and resourcefulness of an independent filmmaker, he continued to create such fascinating work as THE TRIAL, an adaptation of the nightmarish Franz Kafka novel, made inexpensively in Europe. Welles knew how to get the most out of every dollar on a film shoot, and during the last 20 years of his life would often funnel money he’d made as an actor into his cinematic pursuits.

Few men are better acquainted with this period of the director’s career than Stefan Dröessler of the Munich Film Museum, who has restored numerous self-financed Welles projects. Some of these are rather fragmentary, such as scenes shot for uncompleted films like the director’s adaptations of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE or THE DEEP. Much like Welles’ pseudo-documentary F FOR FAKE, these rarities offer a kaleidoscopic look into one of the most brilliant minds in cinema history.

Writer F.X. Feeney has more to say about Orson Welles in our blog here.

Series compiled by Gwen Deglise, Grant Moninger and Stefan Dröessler. Program notes by John Hagelston.

Preservationist Stefan Dröessler of the Munich Film Museum joins us for the Saturday program.
Egyptian TheatreThu, May 4, 2017 - Sun, May 7, 2017
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