Aero Theatre
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Sat, May 27, 2017

One-Word Weird-A-Thon
Presented by the American Cinematheque, Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles, Cinematic Void and Beyond Fest

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36th Anniversary! ROAR, 1981, Drafthouse Films, 102 min. Dir. Noel Marshall. “No animals were harmed in the making of this film. 70 cast and crew members were.” Anyone who thinks life with the lions is all BORN FREE bliss should watch this notorious adventure-horror film, shot over the course of a decade. Star of THE BIRDS and an animal rights-activist, Tippi Hedren plays a woman who brings her three children (including real-life daughter Melanie Griffith) to visit her husband’s California wildlife ranch - only to be attacked by its four-legged inhabitants.

30th Anniversary! NUKIE, 1987, 95 min. Dirs. Sias Odendaal, Michael Pakleppa. In this ludicrous E.T. knockoff, aliens Nukie and Miko are buzzing Earth when they’re pulled in by the planet’s gravity, and land in Africa and America, respectively. As Miko is captured and subjected to U.S. government tests, Nukie sets out to rescue him, using telepathic powers to befriend human allies. With Steve Railsback and Glynis Johns.

30th Anniversary! R.O.T.O.R., 1987, Park Circus/MGM, 90 min. Dir. Cullen Blaine. When things go wrong at Robotic Officer Tactical Operation Research, a robot motorcycle cop developed as a prototype emerges from the lab and begins executing people for minor traffic infractions. From its stiff performances to its continuity errors and cheesy synth soundtrack, this is among the most gloriously inept movies the ’80s had to offer.

22nd Anniversary! CONGO, 1995, Paramount, 109 min. Dir. Frank Marshall. When Congo explorers searching for a rare blue diamond vanish, colleague Laura Linney leads a search party; helping her navigate the jungle is a gorilla capable of communicating with humans. Adapted by writer John Patrick Shanley from the Michael Crichton novel, this box office hit costars Dylan Walsh, Ernie Hudson, Grant Heslov and Tim Curry.

28th Anniversary! THINGS, 1989, Severin Films, 83 min. Dir. Andrew Jordan. "Warning! Horror and brutal violence in full color." DVD packaging never lies; in this Canadian-produced trainwreck, a man desperate to sire children subjects his wife to medical experimentation, resulting in the birth of deadly ant-like creatures. With Amber Lynn.

40th Anniversary! HOUSE (HAUSU), 1977, Janus Films, 87 min. This long-lost fantasy/horror masterpiece from director Nobuhiko Obayashi finally surfaced in America to wild acclaim. Oshare can’t wait to spend the summer with her father … until he informs her that he plans to remarry. She decides to go away with some friends to visit an estranged aunt … who, unbeknownst to the girls, is immortal and can only remain that way by feeding on virgins. Her evil house, with its girl-devouring piano, does the killing for her. Based on an idea given to the director by his then 7-year-old daughter. With Kimiko Ikegami.

39th Anniversary! MATILDA, 1978, Park Circus/Exclusive, 92 min. Dir. Daniel Mann. Noted author Paul Gallico wrote the book upon which this family film was based but didn’t live long enough to see it reach the screen … and that’s probably for the best! Promoter Elliott Gould thinks he’s struck gold when he discovers a boxing kangaroo capable of knocking out the heavyweight champion - but a crime boss wants a piece of the action. Robert Mitchum, Roy Clark (of TV’s “Hee Haw”) and Harry Guardino costar.

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Special Ticket Pricing: $25 General, $20 Members. No vouchers accepted for this program. | Screening formats: DCP (ROAR, THINGS, NUKIE, R.O.T.O.R., CONGO, MATILDA) 35mm (HOUSE)
Aero Theatre • Sat, May 27, 2017 • 7:30pm